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Who Are We

Our mission is to empower orphan children to break the cycle of poverty and succeed in life.

About Us

We recognized the need for holistic development, Create Purpose was founded, and we relocated to Tijuana, Mexico to better serve the community. We’re a dedicated team committed to changing lives for the better. 

Create Purpose is a binational team of professionals that recreates what an environment looks like for Orphans & Vulnerable Children. We apply the proven methodology of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) using Project Based Learning principles within Mexican orphanages. This approach teaches children life skills that help them overcome poverty and pursue their purpose.

Our Impact

Across Tijuana, Mexico, there are approximately 4,000 children residing in orphanages. Create Purpose’s dedicated team collaborates daily with various organizations and individuals to establish enriching educational spaces that foster growth and prosperity for Orphans & Vulnerable Children and their communities.

Create Purpose, a non-profit organization, collaborates with orphanages, municipalities, volunteers, and various stakeholders to deliver programs that equip orphaned and vulnerable children in Tijuana with essential hard and soft skills, preparing them effectively for their transition out of the orphanage.

Who are we

Nicholas Sandoval, Our Founder

Nicholas Sandoval’s personal journey reflects a profound desire to give back, sparked by the opportunities he received in life. His path led him to volunteer at orphanages in Baja, California, where he recognized the pressing need for more comprehensive support for the children. This realization propelled him to establish Create Purpose, a non-profit dedicated to empowering orphaned children in Mexico.

Nicholas Sandoval and his team find fulfillment in witnessing the children’s ‘Aha!’ moments, witnessing their enhanced behavior and academic progress, and sharing a collective commitment to helping vulnerable children succeed in life.

Our Vision

Sure, giving to give can fix a few things, but giving with purpose can fix things for good. Give with purpose, create purpose.

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