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The objective of this campaign is that more children are integrated into Create Purpose programs. The goal is 1 orphanage with 45 children, have the opportunity to study for a better future.


Coloring with Purpose


1 book = 7 child survivors of violence learning


“The Butterfly Effect: Coloring Book” is designed for adults looking for an escape from everyday stress and while helping the world, this captivating coloring book will provide you with moments of calm and concentration.

Adult coloring book with 50 illustrations and unique activities focused on personal development.

Only $20 for The Butterfly Effect: Coloring Book

Our funding goal is $6,000



 You will receive: 1 copy of “The Butterfly Effect – Coloring Book” The Coloring Book is designed for adults and provides unique activities focused on personal development and has 50 illustrations included.



You will receive: 1 copy of “The Butterfly Effect – Coloring Book” + a Create Purpose t-shirt

The t-shirt has our logo on it. We have sizes XXS-XXL



1 copy of “The Butterfly Effect – Coloring Book” + Create Purpose t-shirt + Your name on the last page of our 2nd edition, a permanent place dedicated to our generous donors + 3 photo postcards signed by the kids of the orphanage.


Why Contribute

Our goal is to reinforce and finance the education of 45 children from an orphanage who are integrating into our initiatives. This orphanage is located in Tijuana, ”Hogar Infantil La Gloria’‘. These children will be able to participate in our three educational programs: Garden-Based Learning, Technology Program, which teaches programming skills, and the Nutrition Program. These programs will provide these children, survivors of violent situations, access to comprehensive education and the necessary tools to carve out a better future.

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